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About Kent Hemp Farms

Hemp Stalks available soon!Hemp Herd avaible soon!Hemp Shives avaible soon!Hemp Animal bedding Avaible soon!

Harvest is just weeks away!

Family farm operated out of Harvard Illinois.   We began growing our Hemp in 2019 when Illinois first allowed the farming of hemp in Over 50 Years.  We are an organic striving farm looking to save the world with our Hemp. Feminized Cherry Kandy Seeds Available soon!

Grain/Fiber Seeds available.
25% Extra Seed with every purchase on seeds grown for CBD.
Click Below for Hemp Seeds.


Kent Hemp Farms Services

Seeds, Harvesting, Fiber, Animal  bedding, edible seeds and more


Cbd seeds, Grain/Fiber seeds

Multiple varities High CBD hemp seeds avaible.  Grain/Fiber seeds avaible


Edible Hemp Seeds/Microgreen Seeds

Hemp seed is packed with protien and omegas.  Our seed is large, round, black and has a nutty flavor.  Some say it's like eating sunflower seeds only Better! Our seeds are not heat or steam treated so they are 100% viable with a +90% germinaton rates these make great seeds for Microgreens!  Min 1 lb purchase order.

Custom Planting and Harvesting

Looking to get into hemp but don't have all the equipment.  Do not fret, we offer soil preparation, planting, harvesting and custom Planting for every farmers  needs.   Remember that a solid base is the best chance for success. Give us a call today!Will travel.


Hemp Herd Avaible 

Hemp Herd is the inner most part of the stalk.  Great for Hempcrete, and Animal Bedding.  Contact us for more details.


Hemp Fiber/ Hemp Tow

Hemp Fiber Avaible!Looking for hemp fiber look no more.
Great for home arts and crafts animal bedding, textiles, rope, and more  Avaible in natural color or bleached.  


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6506 Alden Rd
Harvard, McHenry County 60033


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